Shiva and Sandy accidentally became fish-keepers when Shiva's husband expressed a life-long dream of having a koi pond. Now they're sharing their adventures, tips, and tricks on keeping fish ponds, water gardens, and aquariums on a small budget.

Ever resourceful, these two build a lot of their own equipment and have managed to treat a myriad of fish ailments and problems on their own.

Garith makes appearances on the show once in a while too. He's the one who treats the fish with various medicines and also explains the science involved with fish-keeping.

Mr. Captions is our smart-mouthed editor (who fortunately is not also our webmaster!)  He started adding his more personalized two cents into the show in 2021 instead of just sticking to the facts and narrating over footage of the fish.

A new full episode premieres every two weeks. "Fish Bites" videos also pop up from time to time, which are mini-episodes about whatever is happening at the moment.

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