Shiva and Sandy started their show OUR "RELAXING" HOBBY on YouTube in the June of 2020 after organizing five years worth of photographs and video footage taken to document their adventures in fish-keeping.

The show got its name from a running joke after Shiva's doctor suggested that she get a relaxing hobby and she chose water gardening... which soon evolved into keeping koi and other fish and became anything but relaxing!

A new episode posts every two weeks that focuses on a different aspect of keeping water gardens, koi ponds, and aquariums.   "Fish Bites" mini episodes are added to the channel list whenever something happens... updates, short videos, etc...
While this sounds like good, wholesome fun for the whole family to watch, we're going to warn you to exercise  parental discretion with our show. Unlike many other fish-keeping shows on YouTube, we have zero interest in keeping our show squeaky clean for commercial monetization. Yup, that means we swear like sailors and often make some pretty adult-level jokes.
Every now and then you'll see a "Drink Like A Fish" episode, where Sandy (and sometimes Shiva) will host the show while enjoying an alcoholic beverage and talk about some of the humorous problems they've encountered in the hobby. 

If you've watched the show, you've probably heard us say the word "Koiranha!". You can find out what that's all about HERE.

The show is produced by Siren Productions Media, LLC. You can get into contact with Shiva and Sandy by emailing


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