Yes, believe it or not, we actually do make movies sometimes*.  Sandy is a Production Manager, Shiva directs and does special effects, and Garith is a cameraman. 

We've been joking about making a B-film style movie called "Koiranha!", modeled after those campy films you see on the SyFy channel all the time.  And in late 2022 we decided that we should just go ahead and do it!

This is a crazy project with a story about killer koi fish.  Shiva has been writing the script and a lot of our crew and actor buddies are on-board to make it happen.

This is also a long term project that is going to take some time to prepare for.  When we start building the props and special effect gags for this film, we'll be posting the behind-the-scenes videos on our Patreon page.

You can help us produce the movie by becoming one of our subscription patrons on Patreon, or by shopping in our online store.

* You can see some of our work at Rogue Chimera Films. We even did quite a few shorts in 2020 to entertain everyone who was stuck at home while we were all stuck at home too!

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